SMSF Administration – Investment Function

The investment function relates to the allocation and management of a superannuation fund’s assets with the aim to maximise value. It is probably the most dynamic element of SMSF ownership and should be viewed separately from the compliance function. It is essential to the investment function process that timely, accurate and comprehensive investment reports are available to trustees and their advisors regularly and on demand. Our SMSF Administration Service offers this.

Our Administration Service assists trustees manage their investment function by including Portfolio Administration and Investment Reporting.

Our Portfolio Administration service tackles the paper warfare associated with modern day regulation. As the registered office for a superannuation fund’s investments, we receive, co-ordinate and record all investment activity prior to scanning and sending it to you in the form of Investment Reports. All trade confirmations are automatically forwarded to you from source.

In relation to Investment Reporting, we provide the SMSF’s Trustees with the following:

  • Investment Summary;
  • Investment History including ‘Tax Packet’ History;
  • Investment Portfolio;
  • Realised Capital Gains;
  • Accrued Capital Gains;
  • Investment Income, including ;

1.  Franked Dividends;
2.  Unfranked Dividends;
3.  Imputation Credits;
4.  Tax Deferred Income;
5.  Foreign Income;
6.  Interest;
7.  Rent.

  • Investment Performance;

We also monitor a superannuation fund’s investments to ensure they do not contravene the Acts.

These reports are emailed quarterly to clients as part of our quarterly report- mailed hard copies are available if preferred. In addition these and other reports are available via our Clients’ online portal.