SMSF Establishment

We have been establishing SMSFs for almost 20 years.

This experience has enabled us to develop and perfect an establishment package that is both technically accurate and comprehensive.

Our establishment service is used by many resellers such as ‘shelf company’ providers, accountants and advisors.

The package gives you all the necessary documentation to establish a SMSF. Instructions are provided and all documents are clearly marked to indicate where additional information is required and where documents are to be signed. This is not a photocopy service.

The package includes:-

  • Two copies of a Trust Deed. Our deeds are drafted and signed off by Michael Vrisakis, Partner – Superannuation, Freehills;
  • Trustee minutes (including a pro forma investment strategy);
  • Notice of Election to become Regulated;
  • TFN & ABN applications;
  • The New Tax System – Instruction Booklet (source ATO);
  • Requisite Trustee Declarations and Consent to Act Forms;
  • Member Applications;
  • Member Trust Deed Summary and Fund Specifications;
  • Relevant guide to GST;
  • Binding Nomination Fact Sheet;
  • A Member Register;
  • Additional literature about Self Managed Superannuation Funds; and,
  • Product Information Document.

Cost of the service is $675.00 (incl. GST).

We also offer a Corporate Trustee facility: $825.00 (incl. GST).

If you acquire a SMSF Kit together with a Corporate Trustee the price will be: $1500.00 (incl. GST).

To get the process started please download and complete our Establishment form:

SMSF ESTABLISHMENT Form March 2013v2 and Instructions.

When you acquire a Fund from us you will be entitled to technical assistance with respect to the establishment process free of charge.

If you are interested in having The Super Group administer your fund once it is established, please click here to find out more about our SMSF Administration Service.