What our Clients say

In March 2014 The Super Group surveyed its clients. The following charts provide an overview of the responses.

How satisfied are you with TSG’s overall service?

What is the main reason for your answer? (sample of responses)
  • “Promptness, accuracy of info, detailed info to satisfy all my queries, provision of general info by way of update, proactivity, conscientiousness, use of electronic messaging”
  • “Everything is done very professionally and in a friendly manner.  If I have a question it is answered patiently and without making me feel like an idiot. Staff are terrific without exception”
  • “Compliance and audit always complete and accurate.   The day-to-day service is very responsive – excellent.”
  • “It always works, is responsive, is technically knowledgeable, and gives me confidence that the team know what must be done and do it effectively.”
  • “Personal, prompt service. Consistently so.”
  • “Everything is always efficiently done. Everyone is very pleasant to deal with. Scott is happy to spend time with suggestions and insights.”
  • “Very professional but approachable and friendly.”
  • “courtesy, response when contacted, professional competence”
  • “excellent service, always accessible and responsive,  even when request is for help outside service promised”
  • “Reporting has been excellent. Customer service has been excellent.  Identifying new investment opportunities has been excellent”
  • “Very responsive & friendly staff. A clear focus on making everything as easy as possible for the client.”
  • “Showing personal concern about the best outcomes for each individual client”
  • “Couldn’t manage it myself- you guys know all the regulations but still allow me to drive the vehicle.”
  • “If I contact TSG the staff are always ready with an answer to my question and very happy to help”
  • “I cannot recall not being able to resolve any issues which may have arisen with my fund by TSG staff.”
  • “Very efficient. Staff exceptionally helpful. Accurate in their work. Provide a good service at a fair price.”
  • “Prompt, efficient service.  We have the utmost faith in TSG’s professional capacity to ensure that our SMSF is administered in line with legislative requirements.”
  • “Efficient financial transactions and accounting with a personal touch. Nothing is ever a problem.”

How satisfied are you with TSG’s Reporting?

What is the main reason for your answer? (sample of responses)
  • “I keep my own records and over ten years the errors have always been mine.”
  • “Comprehensive, easy to read and access in every way”
  • “Comprehensive and useful.”
  • “Easy to understand and not overwhelming.”
  • “Very professional and very informative”
  • “Uncluttered report sent by email”
  • “Clear, easy to understand”
  • “Easily understood”
  • “Reports are well presented and easy to read”
  • “Reporting is timely, accurate and professionally presented.”
  • “It works!”
  • “Appears clear, understandable and accurate.”
  • “Meets all my needs plus.”
  • “Prompt and excellent communication”
  • “It answers all my queries”
  • “Love the graphs and the reports are very easy to read.”
  • “very comprehensive”
  • “timely and clear”
  • “Comprehensive reporting”
  • “I always know you are doing a good job but I personally don’t pay enough attention to it.”
  • “it gives me all the info we need”
  • “The report seems concise  and is easy for a novice to understand”
  • “Any questions I might have are answered promptly and explanations are thorough.”
  • “Good level of reporting and we know that additional reporting is available for the asking.”
  • “I understand all of it. A joy to read.”
  • “Reports are generally very accurate and punctual, any queries I raise are dealt with promptly”
  • “Very comprehensive and detailed”
  • “Meets all my needs.”

How likely are you to recommend TSG to a friend or colleague?

What is the main reason for your answer? (sample of responses)
  • “I have no complaints as we have had a very professional and harmonious relationship over the past 20 years.”
  • “Trusted“
  • “Honesty and helpfulness”
  • “A friend I introduced to TSG thanks me every time I see him.  I have confidence that TSG service will not embarrass me.”
  • “A professional and client oriented group.”
  • “Your are accessible, personal and very competent at what you do.”
  • “Approachable, trustworthy and reasonable costs. We like to have choice and control of our super and value the fact we do not feel you are pushing financial  products and are looking after our interests.”
  • “I  find the current service and proposed broking services and advice very helpful“
  • “Separation of SMSF operation from investment advice. No conflict of interest. And very importantly a very personal service and indirect access to a network of great minds that help guide us.”
  • “In our experience, TSG demonstrates a high level of professionalism in administering our SMSF.  In addition, TSG staff provide an efficient and timely service to requests made of them.  Our dealings are primarily with Jodie who, without exception, provides an outstanding service.”
  • “My experience has been a positive one and as such if a friend where to ask I would recommend TSG.”
  • “TSG offers a very professional and efficient offering which meets my needs and gives me peace of mind about my savings.”
  • “From my experience, having created my own SMSF and done my own original admin service and then realised how complex it was becoming, I chose TSG & couldn’t have chosen better. Whenever the opportunity arises I always recommend you guys.”
  • “Very happy with the TSG Services.“
  • “Competent and trustworthy”
  • “I feel I can trust the sense of honesty and goodwill shown by them”
  • “Because I am very satisfied with the performance of TSG as far as I am personally concerned.”
  • “Mainly due to the response by TSG staff to any enquiries that I have made from time to time.”
  • “You exist in a real building, with real people who have names and can be easily contacted. Staff have all shown to be knowledgeable. You also appear to have the client at heart and are highly ethical. I also appreciate Scot’s healthy analysis of the financial world – its players, pitfalls and possibilities. He writes well. Jodie and Nick have been wonderful to deal with at all times. They are my first port of call and have always provided sound answers to my questions. Humble people and very competent.”
  • “Very professional”
  • “I am a very strong advocate of TSG, as you are aware my interest is in real estate which I have been given full support, advice and knowledge on this topic from your team”
  • “Couldn’t handle the SMSF without TGS’S expertise and administration.”
  • “Very responsive and informed”