Our Approach

We approach self managed superannuation as though compliance is the single most important obligation. Indeed, it is the adherence to compliance that gives rise to a trust being defined as a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF)- no compliance, no superannuation -no superannuation, no tax concession!

Our services, therefore, are designed with one objective in mind – to enable trustees to discharge their compliance obligations. However we are determined to ensure that the various compliance and administrative tasks are rendered as effortless as possible, through our administration processes and through the highest levels of customer service and support.

Furthermore, we contest that superannuation should be viewed as having two quite distinct functions – the compliance function and the investment function. The compliance function relates to meeting the regulatory obligations imposed on an SMSF. The investment function relates to the allocation and management of an SMSF’s assets with the aim to maximise their value.

The compliance function is mandatory, codified and subject to increasing scrutiny by the Regulator (the ATO). The compliance function therefore should be considered as a first order obligation. The investment function is not mandatory, apart from some broad restrictions, or codified, is discretionary in its application and is influenced by, among other things, market forces and competition.

Of the two functions, we consider the investment function to be the most personalized, volatile and potentially costly. It is where wealth is made and lost and where fees are often highest. We contest, therefore, that the investment function should be FLEXIBLE, ADAPTABLE, TRANSPARENT and able to REACT QUICKLY and WITHOUT CONSTRAINT to changes in the performances of investments, markets, advisors or managers. To achieve this, we have established a flexible administration and compliance platform that is independent of, yet impartially supports through data capture and reporting, the investment function.

We aim to make the experience of SMSF ownership effortless. Indeed, we strive to make it a rewarding and enriching experience. We look after the mundane yet very important administrative and compliance tasks of superannuation ownership. In short, we make you the Chairman of your fund, and we work with you to determine your level of management involvement – from completely hands-on to one of ultimate delegation.

More information can be found about the SMSF compliance function here and the SMSF investment function here.