About The Super Group

The Super Group is a boutique self managed superannuation administration and consulting company that is able to provide varying levels of personalised superannuation services to meet your changing and challenging needs.

  • We establish new and, as needed, amend existing SMSFs;
  • We coordinate and administer rollovers and contributions;
  • We track and maintain member contribution records, preservation and taxable components;
  • We provide investment secretarial services including liaising with brokers, registries, fund mangers and advisors;
  • We provide continuously updated transaction based investment tracking and reporting, including: accrued and realised capital gains, corporate actions and accounting and tax revenue reporting;
  • We prepare and lodge monthly/quarterly BAS or IAS;
  • We prepare and lodge annual regulatory returns including tax returns, capital gains schedules and loss schedules etc.;
  • We facilitate the yearly audit and, where possible, answer audit queries;
  • We establish and maintain Pensions;
  • We provide practical administrative advice on the application of superannuation law on SMSFs;
  • We offer a complete compliance solution.

“Superannuation should not be some coldly detached obligation imposed on all but rather an interactive and rewarding wealth accumulation process that grows with those who embrace it”.

“Everyone will have different superannuation needs depending on whether they are saving for their retirement or have retired and are receiving an income stream. Whichever phase you are in it will offer different challenges and opportunities”.